Better creates comparison.
Different forces a decision.
Sales only happen when decisions are made.
As your fractional CMO, I will discover what makes you different from your competitors and communicate it simply to your market.

Dusty Schroeder

Hey there, I'm Dusty. I've been a devil's advocate and contrarian since I could talk. This can be frustrating to those that don't like debate, but an advantage when considering the unconsidered. I've spent the last 15 years building brands and leading marketing teams. Let me help you find your different.

Back when milk was delivered to your door, it was difficult to differentiate the service. They even had price controls in some countries, so price advantages were off the table.Suppliers would claim they were better, but since differentiation was so difficult, nobody was looking to switch their milk supplier.No decision was being forced.Along came a contrarian who found an unclaimed position in the market. They advertised, "all our bottles are steam sterilized before reuse for your family’s safety".Guess what? This was a requirement for all milk suppliers. But since vendors assumed this was table-stakes, nobody had thought to claim it.Once a vendor claimed that position, buyers now connected steam-sterilized bottles with a single vendor. Everyone that followed became an "us too".There is an unclaimed position in every market – something that makes you different, not better. You just have to dig for it.


As your fractional CMO, I will first learn from you and your customers. Then, I'll search the interwebs for info about your company, then your market, then your competitors. From there, we'll claim an unclaimed position in your space and deliver your different to your market in a way that forces a decision and generates demand.

Make it simple,
but significant.

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